Meet the band

The NEW GROOVE JAZZ ENSEMBLE (NGJE) is a Big Band of local community members keeping jazz music alive in Brisbane and surrounding districts. Formed in 1996, the band is comprised of 20 players who express their passion through the medium of big band, swing, latin, blues, funk, and rock.





Ken was a member of the Royal Australian Navy Band from 1977 until 2003. He received the John Stucas Memorial Award for the highest Navy qualifier on the Group Leader’s course, and received an Australia Day award for his leadership of the Queensland Naval Band. 

Ken is proficient on the clarinet, saxophone, flute, piano, percussion and bass guitar He has played alongside Don Burrows, James and John Morrison, Andy Firth, Ed Wilson, Paul Panichi, Jeff Jarvis and many others. He also composes and arranges music, with New Groove regularly playing his arrangements.

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President of the Executive Committee / Vocalist - Trina Lincoln

Trina is currently the President of the New Groove Jazz Ensembles Executive Committee. Born in Edinburgh Scotland, her parents made the decision to up roots and move to Australia in 1980. Educated in Brisbane, Trina has always had a love for music, and in particular singing.

She is a vocalist with New Groove and has her own Jazz Ensemble - Held To Ransom which plays regularly in the Brisbane Jazz Club as well as other venues around Brisbane. Trina is regularly asked to sing at the BJC with the Brisbane Big Band and at the BJC's Jazz Singers Jam night. Trina has 4 boys and married Ken in 2012. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Music with the aim of opening her own singing studio in the near future



the band


Conor Mewburn - Trumpet

Les Wilson - Trumpet

Peter Roche - Trumpet

Les Brearley - Trumpet

Collette Krebs - Trumpet

Gary Threadingham - Trombone 

Ric James - Trombone 

Rowan Bailey - Trombone  

Luke Filippini - Trombone


Ken Lincoln - Clarinet Tenor/Alto Sax

Tyson Clancy Jones - Alto Sax

Peter Green - Alto Sax

Peter Weyand - Alto Sax

Kurt Klausen - Tenor Sax

Tracey Pasfield - Tenor Sax

Erin de Brincat - Baritone Sax

Fred Krebs - Bass Trombone

Matthew Hoey - Bass

Sacha Hughes - Piano

Michael Smith - Guitar

Mark Egerton -Drums

Trina Lincoln - Vocals

Vin Paradis - Vocals

Mike Pasfield - Sound